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Schindler’s Coke

I just came across this on Facebook.



It was originally posted by a group called Stuff4Sale. I’m not linking to their page because they don’t deserve the publicity. This was the text in their post:


And this was my response.

“You absolute, utter wankers.

Irrespective of the validity (or otherwise) of comments like this (I do happen to think it’s an extremely simple way of looking at an incredibly complicated issue, but most armchair politicians I come across are extremely simple), it is absolutely inexcusable to create and / or circulate a meme that broadcasts a potentially controversial opinion about a topic that has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT YOU SELL OR DO. This isn’t about giving your opinion, it’s about generating traffic (and therefore revenue) by posting a mildly contentious / popular viewpoint (delete as applicable) on a hot topic, and then sticking in a quick plug at the end with ‘PLEASE LIKE OUR PAGE’.

I’m not getting into the rights and wrongs of what you’ve said. That’s for a forum other than Facebook with people who can spell. My issue is with your appalling lapse of taste. Right or wrong, this is the metaphorical equivalent of selling t-shirts at the crucifixion, or producing a Holocaust film and bombarding it with product placement. It’s sickening. Absolutely sickening. And so are you.”