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Honest Memes

Oh, you know the sort. The disabled children who prove the Victorian freak show is alive and well and has its own Twitter account (and Tumblr page). The irritating rants about capital punishment from people too chicken-shit scared to actually throw the switch, but who find it easy to leave poorly-constructed and badly-phrased comments from the comfort of an armchair during an X-Factor marathon. The ones who tell you that “no one posts pictures commemorating the Second World War”. EVERYONE POSTS PICTURES OF THE SECOND WORLD WAR.

Anyway, you’re supposed to fight fire with fire, and these days, that’s what I do. It’s far more fun to come up with a meme that’s about the silliness of some other memes than it is to just complain about it, so here’s a collection. By all means pass these on. Or don’t. I don’t mind either way, and I certainly wouldn’t want to make you feel guilty.

Broad sub-categorisations as follows:

1. The memes that are clearly in it for the hit count

social-media grumpy Chicken


2. The ones that completely miss the point

down-meme Crying


3. The pointless wallowing in false nostalgia


4. Memes for the angry or indignant (or simply illiterate)

flood spellcheck dday


5. And finally.



You see what I meme mean.