About Glurgewatch

glurge (ɡlɜːdʒ) — n
stories, often sent by email, that are supposed to be true and uplifting, but which are often fabricated and sentimental


glurge :
Word used to describe the syrupy sweet e-mails that are mass-mailed to unwilling participants. Usually involve, puppies, kitties, children with disabilities, puppies and kitties with disabilities, and Jesus. Generally end with, “Pass this along 2 as many ppl as u can!!!11!!1!”

(Urban Dictionary)

I started using email back in 1996. I was a fresh-faced student and this idea of instant communication seemed so wonderful – despite the fact that most of my correspondents were old friends miles away with far more active social lives than I had, who subsequently took weeks to reply.

Then the circulars began.

It was slow, at first. Just the occasional poem asking God to bless my computer (no, seriously) and all my online contacts. I made the mistake of diarising that one, mocking it incessantly and forgetting that the girl who’d sent it to me also read my diary. When the college email server stopped relying on telnet, and we switched to HTML, people seemed to think this was a good excuse to start sending pictures of kittens, angels and hearts. These days, social media is the thing: I have good friends, of whom I am otherwise very fond, who I’ve more or less blocked from my status feeds on the grounds that they consistently plaster their Facebook walls with glurge.

Each to their own. Some people actually like this stuff. But I have to confess that communications of this nature are never passed on by me, simply because I don’t want to inflict them on those I’d class as friends. If you’ve been roused to the point of nausea by a heartfelt missive from a (fake) little girl whos (fake) father was killed in 9/11, why on earth would you want other people to suffer as you have? Then it occurred to me that some people actually like this stuff – and for those who didn’t, some sort of museum collection (albeit a small, localised one that doesn’t pretend to be anything other than an amusing side project) might be a good thing. If anything else it’ll be fun to see how big we can make it.

I can’t believe it’s taken me fourteen years to start getting this lot together, but let’s not waste any more time. I have years of back archive material to recover from my deleted items and post on here, as well as the stuff I find on a regular basis. Come with me through a journey through the syrupy and sentimental. Just don’t forget the sick bag.

Something to submit?

I see quite a bit of glurge on my online travels, but I’d like to make this collaborative. If any of you have been sent something you’d like to include – whether that’s text, images (still or animated) or perhaps a link to a video, please email it to me. If it meets the criteria I’ll be happy to put it on here.

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